Prince Charming

Prince Charming gallops on his legendary studs..
Her heart beats with resonant thuds!
The lush expanse shrouded..
with a bright blue sky unclouded.
She stands still in the middle...
attempting to solve this eloquent riddle.
He opens out his stretched arms...
for her to grasp and hold on to his palms.
But the answer alludes her..
in the meanwhile.. he passes by...
now she feels like a shrew!
Moistness blurs the vision of a dejected maiden..
the gusty wind makes her further sullen.
While she walks back towards the end..
with no other solution to befriend..
an eerie sense of a shadow hounds..
unexpectedly.. she is off the grounds!
Her eyes meet eyes which glisten..
with a glee that knows no bounds.
She never really saw that Prince Charming
but the effusion of the proximity she felt now..
was to say the least, heart warming!
The eyes have met..
the course is set...
and now there are no regrets.
"Happily ever after" is the elusive dream...
Dancing away reality into sun beams.
In her moment of solitude, she thought -
" Is this that Prince Charming ...
that fate had brought?"
Fate smiled at her avarice...
it was doubts like these that add spice.
Happily ever after they did live..
but with that question always lingering in her mind..
the answer was left for destiny to find!