She held me in her shadow..
anger seething into a boiling yellow..
her bright eyes cast a glance..
no gestures.. no words..
the vibes conveyed but one thing..
she is fierce!

Unnerving anticipation...
my heart tiring with palpitations..
"What is she going to say?"-
that question ran through my head..
much to my dismay!

Yet lips were sealed..
Yet issues remained unhealed.
Her gaze said the unsaid..
No apologies could deceive..
a heavy heart that was the thief.

A strand of her hair fell on her face..
my fingers moved without any haste..
tucking it behind her ear...
making amends without any fear.

Seizing the moment..
Ending the torment..
Hands around her waist..
Nudged her towards my chest..

Sorrowful eyes met her brilliance..
a halo of warmth spread around us like fragrance.
She listened to my heart beat..
she put her feet on my feet.

Just when the nerves settled..
the silence before the storm was rattled..
Punches were blown all around..
left.. right.. center.. up and down!
Her cat like claws dug deep..
yet it was affection and not rejection that heaped.

She held me in her arms..
her love exalting into a deep purple..
her affable eyes burst into tears..
no gestures.. no words..
the vibes conveyed but one thing..
her love is fierce!!