Think About It

Sometimes, your life seems like a movie film. A lot of emotions, drama, sensational scenes and moving resolutions are sometimes too real even for a movie. Movies generally demand a happy ending or maybe a lesson to take along. You cannot predict that happy ending for yourself. If it comes to you, then thank your stars; if not, then curse the Lord! While this maybe the scenario with most of the multitude, there are a few exceptions who make their OWN happy ending. So, which category do you want to fall in?

Growth is painful. When you were 5 years old, the death of the playful butterfly had you in tears; when you turned 10, it was the unavailability of a video game that was a tragedy; by the time you are 15, you suffer your first heartbreak; now, when you are 20.. well, the world becomes a whole lot more interesting. You are old enough to think sensibly but still young enough to get away with lunacy. It is the final frontier of adolescence because now you finally transition into adulthood.

Adulthood is a different world altogether. A large part of our lives are governed by the decisions of adults. Parents, teachers, legislators... etc.,etc. The world works because of these beings.. adults. That is a lot of pressure, isn't it? So, only a 20-something can relate to you the pressures of transitioning into this new world. This is the phase when addictions start governing your life. Addictions need not necessarily translate to drugs, sex, alcohol, smokes. Adding to this, one maybe addicted to fitness, beauty, relationships, cheating, stealing, computers, television, food and the works!

You break into the person you are and most probably that is what you are going to be, fundamentally, for the rest of your life. If you have even the slightest inkling of what it means to be YOU then suppressing it to "fit in"  is a wasteful effort. The more you suppress it, the more it does harm to you. Maybe not in substantial terms but inherently, certainly. Accept who you are and celebrate it. Celebration of - who you are- is a journey of a lifetime. Consequently, irrespective of your age.. 20, 30, 40... it becomes simpler to live life. The perennial confusions that plague your mind become easier to resolve. Pride or approval.. love or career.. parents or friends.. short cut or long shot..

If you shy away from yourself then more than you, your loved ones will suffer. They will never come to know who you REALLY are. If you truly love someone that would be the least they deserve.. a chance to know YOU. However, what about the obstacles and setbacks one faces when attempting to do so? Do you have the strength to stand and face the onslaught? Are you ready to face your own insecurities and be the bigger person? Sometimes, you would wonder, why go through such agonizing hardships? It is far more natural to just suck up to life and become a part of the forces which put pressure on you. Yes, maybe that is true. However, you won't have the pleasure of stating - " I LIVED LIFE ON MY OWN TERMS...!".