The Creepers

Break my hold

Make me fall

If you have the courage 

Then demolish these stone walls.


What seemed like a garden

In reality is a forest

Once you enter, you are lost

Once you enter, you are in love.


The enchantments confound you

The illusions excite you

Behind your back, the creepers crawl

The black veins hug the floor

There is no escape now

No gate, no door


As the creepers climb slowly

The juices in your head start imploding

You feel so alive that you wonder

"Where was I so far?

Was that a life or is it now?"


The veins briskly cuddle

Your blood pompously curdles

How come this feels right?

Is this annihilation?

Or is this procreation?


They wrap your arms

Restraining your breath

Pinned to the floor

Writhing up your nimble spine

Suddenly you hear a buzzing in your ears

it's a rhythm, it's divine.


This is not death

This is a birth

Birth of the long-lost being

But death of a carcass that was.

How come this feels right?


Break my hold

Make me fall

You have the strength now

Don't you stop. Just run through.


The creepers, the veins

May darken your body.

The constricted vessels may throb with a bursting pain

But the song in your head

Is like one you shall never hear.

It is the beat of your heart

Yet somehow, not yours.

How come this feels right?


Yellow eyes pierce through your skin

Your vision retaliates but you say -

"Is it necessary?"

Let those eyes slit my skin

Let them punish me for that Sin.

Your daredevil heart entered this forbidden forest

A sinner's haven, they say it was

One seeks redemption here

Because there was more than gratification 

that one got

A surreal light that sparkled the mind.


It is a thrust

It is a rush

Break my hold

Make me fall.

Push me to the edge

Into an infinity

Against all gravity.