Leaving behind

When the bricks were falling down..
When the muck was swallowing you whole..
I saw the glimpses of dark coal..
that darkened your skin through to soul..
The stench of the infection..
the extent of the defection..
was unbearable to my sight..
to an elegant body like yours.. 
it just didn't feel right.

Holding on to my breath..
Sorting through the confusing mess..
i reached out to your dress..
An empty cloth was in my hands..
mean while your body was covered in sands.
Deep in thought, you lay still...
and my heart rate jumped up the hill..

I tried pulling you out of it..
little did i know that this is what you wanted.
Little did i know that..
Being in this shallow devastation..
was a form of your salvation.
Yelps of suffering were hard to neglect..
but you said that you have no regrets.

This is not my dream, i thought..
You have to let me go..
to chase the dreams that i sought.
Taking one step at a time..
Turning away and leaving behind...
the cries that deafened down.
Taking one step at a time..
was harder than sipping grime...

Guilt was never a permanent companion..
So he left as i was leaving you behind.
The sun was shining in the horizon..
there was a fire left to beckon..
Taking one step at a time..
this time, i knew it was not a crime..
to leave something behind.