Under My Skin

Source: Wikimedia

Source: Wikimedia

Mushy marshlands of grass under my feet

Running after you to beat the heat

Yellow butterflies twirling round my head

Between our fingers was tied a strong thread

This was the first time you got under my skin.


Noisy classmates bickering over books

Sitting next to you on a bench with hooks

You tried to pull out my skirt which was stuck

Everyone was whispering, yet you didn't give a sock

That appalling humiliation got under my skin.


It was the day I stood first in class

I rushed to you first, to celebrate with a glass

Your hands were nestling the curls of her hair

That moment I realized, little did you care

A flurry of hot tears flowed down my cheeks

Yet again, you got under my skin.


Was walking down the aisle

As the man of my dreams welcomed me with a smile

As we were exchanging our wedding vows

I glimpsed across to notice your dejected brows

The priest confirmed for everyone's approval

You faked a smile that was oh-so-jovial

Not surprisingly, you got under my skin.


A season of spring and winter had passed

Fate had us attending a funeral mass

Melancholy of a widow, no one could guess

But the warmth of your hug did not let me be depressed

You were here with me again 

I was so glad this time, that you got under my skin.


We sat on a swing in Central Park

Rays of sunlight danced on our mark

Breezy winds caressed my grays

Wrinkled hands held on to each other through rough days

Your head rested on my shoulder

That is when it hit me - 

You were destined to be under my skin.