A day with you

This is no poem, no rhythm, no rhyme           

It's what i feel

It's what i want you to feel             

A love so warm that it melts a stone

A stone of a heart which you claim to own.


When you open your eyes I don't know what you see

But today let me show you the world as it is to me.

Sunshine falls on my face to wake me up

To tell me that it's time for me to buck up.


It's a new day

It's a new beginning

It's another reason for me to live

Cause this gives me an opportunity

To come closer to you                                                            

To feel your warmth

To touch your hands

And realize that it's not all that bad.


When I see that smile on your face

Somehow, this world feels like a better a place.

When i feel your warmth against mine

Somehow, every moment then on seems more divine.

Together we can walk on rainbows

Together fruits of joy, we sow

Walking steps to match yours

Ready to catch you when you fall.


We bicker like a bunch of hungry cats

You scratch me but I bite you.

In the end, I'll come to you

As you lick my wounds so shall I too.


Pockets full of chocolates I stole

Gluttony queen that you are

You ate them whole.

The chocolate smeared on your nose

Made me crinkle my toes.

How can you be so adorable?


Gosh! I feel like locking you

Within the wraps of these arms.

Then the day comes to a close

I stood there alone on the terrace

As the moon arose.

While gazing at stars

I got a message from you

Which said -

"Look at the moon

It has a message from me to you

No matter where you go

I'll always be there

To watch over you

So don't be scared

you are mine only."


Bubbles burst inside my heart

I close my eyes and wait for another day to start.

Everyday you give me a reason to laugh

Everyday I wait for those bubbles to burst

A passion for life singes inside

Somehow, you do a magic that quenches that thirst.


It's beautiful

It's crazy

It's all this and much more.