Let Me Be.

When the sky was falling down

I closed my eyes

What I saw, took me by surprise

Little did I know

That you would be there

Waiting for me as if this was your place to be.


In the warmth of the moment

A colorful mass whirled in my head

Where it took me

I didn't care.


All that there was to know

Is that you are here

There is no despair.


How is it possible for this magic to be?

No reasoning

No doubts

A fact for all to see.


How come I did not see this coming?

Was I really that blind?

Or was it a feeling so much a part of me

That I never realised?


The sky is falling down today

Everything is falling apart

Somehow, it is only today that things make sense

Somehow, there is an evanescence

Because today, for the first time

I tasted your essence.


My eyes are still closed

Closed to the chaos that won't let me go

Can't we stay in this comfort forever?

You wrapped around me

and me hidden under?


Don't let me open my eyes

Lest the magic be scattered

Wait, just for a few more centuries

Let me learn the plains

The contours

The swirls

The mess of you, of me

Please let me be.


The sky is falling down

While my eyes are closed

Lost in this colorful mess


Let me be.