Something's changing

Something's changing

I don't know what

Whenever the wind chimes

This feeling iteratively rhymes.

Something's changing

Within this body.


I thought your presence would always prevail

Somehow, that security has lost it's avail.

Something's changing

I wish you would understand

That this unnerves my senses

This paranoia downs my defenses.

Something's changing

Why can't everyone see?

These little developments

Are not just imaginative figments.

Someday, the scenario will be out of your control

That day you'll remember what i'd told.

By then I'll be gone away from this insensitivity

To a place where i can preserve my sanity.


If you then feel shreds of regret

Does it matter? 

Let bygones beget.

You can laugh all you want

These words are not a taunt.

This backlash is not a part of my PMS

Nor is it a result of a lot of stress.

Get up from your slumber

before it's too late to plunder.

Catch the train whilst you have the chance

Once it's gone, to fate's tunes you'll have to dance.


Something has already changed.

You missed the bus buddy

It's already too late.

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