The way we are.

Lost in this silence I can stay till eternity. Listen to the beat of your heart, of the world and even eternity. Words are all I had but today, I don't want them either. Today, it's just me and my soul. Naked in its plight - for your scrutiny. There is nothing to hide. No guilt, no marks, only remembrances of wounds that were once too fresh and ferocious to heal. Can you see anything but a delicacy of skin today? Try as hard as you can. No magnifying glass will come to your aid because this is how the medicine called time heals. It fills in your wounds and bruises so slowly, so seamlessly that it's only a part of you now. It is only for me to see.

Silence says a lot then why are words so important? Why can't we just keep ourselves at peace? The world around is a concoction of a million ideas and thoughts. But had we sealed our lips and surrendered to the will of our fates, the world would be a different place today. It is the result of this wonderful gift of communication that we survive today. So brilliant, so complex, so beautiful.

We create our own problems. Only so that we know what to do with this time that we have. We live to learn our solutions. We live to mingle in the intricacies that were an outcome of our idle minds. We live to create, to innovate, to conquer this world that is so gigantic we are only a speck of dust on it. It is so weird that today there is nothing out of our reach. It is this priceless gift of will power that we have. The world will bow down to man and his will. 

There can never be a world in which we are all happy. Happiness is a state of mind. Unfortunately, mind is a figment of abstractions which are too sublime to form anything. We term these abstractions as our mind to extol our self-worth, to stamp our dominance on this Earth. We can never be happy and satisfied. The day we are, mankind will cease to exist. It is this curiosity and innate desire to make life simpler that has made it so complex. We thrive in this complexity. Our so-called intellect draws strength from our weaknesses. Isn't it strange? Drawing strength from weaknesses? Would there have been wheels had we had the strength to carry things around? Would there have been boats if we could swim long distances? Would there have been fire if we had the fur to keep us warm? Invention is the child of necessity. 

So beautiful - the way we function. The way the rain falls in a winter month, the moon shines and plays hide and seek with the clouds. So enchanting - those little white dots in a dark blue sky, millions of miles away yet they come in your line of sight to tell you that there is more to the world than you can possibly imagine. Maybe, there is so much to know, to learn, to decipher that our tiny brain cannot even begin to comprehend. Yet, we push ourselves. Push our limits to reach the unknown, to become the master of everything there is to know. 

What is the source of this beatific thirst for knowledge? Is it rising from a fear of the unknown? Do we want to conquer this daunting universe because we do not want to succumb to it? Are we whatever we are today because of our insecurities?