New Directions

No one is going to pick up those pieces.

No one is going to break the fall.

You are not alone.

But you are - if you choose the dark side of the spectrum

While life as we know it, lies on the opposite end.

Tip the scales in your favour.

Flood your heart with emotions you savour.

The warmth will spread through your veins

The poison will die to numb the pains.

The calm of a few moments

Will be enough to settle the torments.

Make the most of the vacuum while it lasts

Else the ghosts of pain will return from the past.

Bed of needles that you rest on

Will prick the sorrow fomenting your colon.

Cherish that pinch, for it's momentary

The cure from the venom is perfunctory.

When the moments pass

Life as you know it ends.

It's new directions now.

Accept it gracefully with a bow.