Idea, birth of a thought that can spark of a whole series of actions that leads to something new. It is the creation of a new identity on a planet that is already brimming with chaotic thoughts. “An idea can change your life” - says the tag line of a popular mobile network and I couldn’t have summarized this theory any better.

In our day to day lives, we are faced with umpteenth occasions that give birth to an idea. Sometimes it comes out of nowhere and sometimes you have to be triggered by a push or a nudge here and there. But have you ever pondered on this – how many of these ideas our really your own?

  Source: Karan Mankodi Photography

Source: Karan Mankodi Photography

There are rules and laws to punish offenders guilty of plagiarism and intellectual property theft. However, how are we going to detect these thefts? Detecting a rip-off of a song or a movie is relatively easy because well they are visual or audible and hence relatively simple to notice. What about copying of a thought? Who is going to detect that?

The Social Network – the entire script of this movie was to depict the creation of popular social networking giant, Facebook. The movie portrayed how Mark Zuckerburg and his friends moved from one point to another to finally evolve Facebook into a multi-billion dollar international company. Along their route to discovery Zuckerburg was inspired by many social instances and not to mention the controversial legal battle he had to “face” with his fellow batch mates and friends on the matter of intellectual property theft. In spite of being the smart ass that he is, he had to give in and compensated by paying a huge amount as penalties to the people who filed cases against him. If a genius like him could not defend his idea then what chance do we stand?

Zuckerburg may or may not have improved on the idea that the Winkelvoss brothers provided. It is not that easy to judge because no one knows the intricacies of what actually conspired between the people involved. 

An idea is a free spirit and it possesses those who have the drive to pursue it with their passion. If you can think then you can do. Who would have thought that a socially inept boy could create the most buzzing social ground ever seen and create a movement that the whole world would get engulfed in? If he had stopped himself just because people thought that his idea was stupid then would we be chatting away on our Facebook walls?

Just sitting on your sofas and dreaming is not going to get you on that private island that you dreamed of. Make adversity your best friend. Get out of your comfort zone and experience the unknown. Don’t get scared of what you don’t know. It is scary but trust me, it takes only takes a few seconds for your vision to adjust and then you can navigate through even a rain forest.

There is no point wasting time and making air castles. You dream to achieve and if not then don’t crib that you did not get there.  Don’t waste your ideas and potential. If you don’t have the inclination to work on it then it is foolish to stop someone else make it come to life.

A free spirit cannot be caged and don’t do that injustice to the ideas that have lived inside you. Set it free and the wind will carry it across the world. Unlock those ideas today.