Deaf, Blind & Mute

Solitude, my friend. Lets embrace each other 

and unite in the silence of these moments. 

Filling the vacuum of my voids are the songs of your melancholy. 

A rhythm strikes a chord with the eardrums of the deaf. 

They hear it in their hearts and their world seems perfect.

 What is the point of all the noise?


Why do we have to talk, 

when the emptiness of the mute does not even need to say tick-tock? 

For their eyes convey the benign nature of every trouble they face

 without even uttering a word.

Why do we have to see the sight of a rainbow to feel delight, 

when in the darkness of forever,

 the blind can see a light at the other end of a tunnel?


When they can live with a satisfaction gleaming on their faces

 and survive harsh winter storms

 even in the absence of words, whistles and lights. 

Why is it so hard for us although we have it all?

The joy of living is not in the substitutes for happiness. 


The joy lies in the song of your heart

 which needs no larynx to sing; no ears to listen; no visuals to impress.

 All it needs is an open mind

 and the courage to surrender to this monstrosity called Life.