There is a reason why we believe in God. There is a reason for us to claim his supremacy. No one can define Him and the fact remains that such an axiom needs no justification. We all find him in different places. We all seek Him at different times. However, acknowledgement of this supreme holds a primary significance because it’s a part of our growth. It’s a part of the quest for truth. What is this quest , one may ask. To each their own – is the answer. All of us hunt for it – some knowingly and some unknowingly.

Devotees queue up at temples, churches, mosques, pagodas, fire temples, gurdwaras and the likes; offer their prayers seeking redemption from sins and for fulfillment of wishes. We celebrate the holiness of our Gods when the occasion calls for it. This blind faith has us united in worship. This seemingly illogical belief gives some meaning to many lives. Meaning to our existence, isn’t that what we all want? Why are we here? What is the purpose of our existence? To these questions not even Stephen Hawking or Albert Einstein had an answer.

An ordinary man seeks solace in the one answer that we have all grown up with – God. He is everything one cannot find an answer to and everything that we do know about. They say that man was created as an image of god. Even an atheist would desist from refuting this statement because we are our own Gods, aren’t we? The power to change the world… the power to acquire your heart’s desire lies within the confines of this human body. Ever wondered how beautiful that is? How can one not believe?

The concept of God and establishment of religion brings semblance to chaotic minds of beleaguered humans. It fills the voids and spurs us to create and not to destroy.

When you forget of your own existence and serenely submerge into the gift this world has to offer, you realize that there is a surreal vibrancy surrounding us. If you can muster the strength to look beyond your selfish vision, you can only but express joy at the luck of being a part of this world. The infinite stars that illuminate the sky, the bottomlessdepths of the Pacific ocean, the incinerating heat of lava erupting from a volcano, the silence at the top of mount Everest, the blistering winds savaging a desert rose, the moistness of rains replenishing the Earth, the chill of the snow white washing Antartica… How do they happen? Why do they happen?

God does not have to be a supreme being beyond our reach. He does not have to be a master who counts the follies of his slaves. He does not have to be a watch guard who controls our actions. He does not have to be this author who writes our destinies. You do not have to be afraid of Him. No one can persecute you for your misdeeds but your own conscience. No one can change your destiny except you. No one can control your actions except you.

God lies within the power vested in your being, to chart your own destiny. He lies within the forces of nature that make our world spin. He lies within the ethos that our woven into the fabric of social environment. He lies in the heartbeats that thud under your breath. We exist – that is God.

The subliminal nature of this definition forces us to rethink our belief in this concept. However once you cease to justify His non-existence the answer dawns. Having faith in the unknown seems foolish to many but no amount of reasoning can satisfy a person who refuses to believe. Faith cannot be taught. Faith cannot be inherited. One has to experience this phenomenon to comprehend the beauty. There is a God and he lies within you. The search for Him is synonymous with a search for you.

Belief in God is not a matter of convenience. Love for God should not stem from selfish motives. He is not a pool of gift from which you can pray what you want. Offering prayers, performing rituals and having faith can be of no consequence unless you understand the purpose of this exercise.

If a large part of this world believes in God there must be a reason for it. Find out that reason. Find out your God. I found mine.