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Dear people at Vodafone,

I have been an ardent customer of your telecom service since the last 5 years primarily because Vodafone has great network strength and I was highly impressed by the tiny pug that follows kids around. I haven’t shifted for various reasons, one of the major reasons being that most of my fellow colleagues or peers etc. are also on this network. So, you can be rest assured I am not shifting to another network for a long time to come.

However, every time I face a problem with the Vodafone network I start dreading the days to follow because I know what I will have to face.Vodafone offers customers innumerable ways to get in touch with them like the local Vodafone service centres, the customer care hotline, Website etc and new addition being twitter. I appreciate that but what I do not is the quality of the service provided.

Only recently I purchased a prepaid USB stick for use of internet for my laptop. It took more than a week for the address to be verified and the connection to be activated. In a bid to activate the connection, I made a round of the local Vodafone Centre, made atleast 3 calls to the Electronic store from where it was purchased, made 4 calls to 111/117 in order to solve my problem over the phone and one of the calls lasted almost an hour. In that one hour of waiting over the phone, the customer care executives spoke to me for barely 3 minutes and despite of showing such patience they could NOT solve my problem and left me with false promises. My call was shifted from one department to the other 3 times and the information provided to me by different persons was contradicting. While one person promised me that my request has been taken and will be solved within 2 hours. Another said that it would take 24 hours! I waited for that many hours and still had to call 2 more times. Eventually, I had to threaten the last person I spoke to for some immediate action.

Source: dogexpress.in

Source: dogexpress.in

I cannot even begin to describe the hours I spent waiting at the local Vodafone service centre to be attended to because it is pointless (and they did not resolve my issue either though they promised that it was solved!).

My suggestion would be

Please provide extensive training to your Customer Care service executives

so that they can handle their aggrieved customers with better service. This will save precious time for the customer and you. Nobody wants to run around in circles. And I say this not only because of this particular incident. I have a history of nerve wrecking experiences which I’d rather not describe and further waste my time.

Thank you.

I hope this may help you help me.

Yours Truly,

A loyal customer