Valentine's with McDreamy

I think of you..  the way others think of me. I think of you to breathe and feel alive. I think of you the way I want to think of you. I don’t know you and in all likelihood you are not what I thought you are.

I think of you to soothe myself. You are a balm to the wounds on my body that are inflicted during the daily battles of life. Like an uncut diamond stored in the security of a glass box, I see you every day to admire and cherish you. I don’t want you. I know you can never be mine. I just want to keep looking at you and shine in the brilliance of your light.

I’ll bathe in that light till the shadow of reality doesn't dim the daze of my dreams and vision.

We can be together and count the million stars in the sky while lying in the warmth of sands on Matira beach. We’ll look and swathe in the moonlight listening to John Coltrane play in the background. We’ll breathe and be alive every moment in awe of this universe. We’ll be together for hours and not talk at all.

  Source: Flickr

Source: Flickr

We can’t be this way forever… we can’t be like this ever.