Stop talking about Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Morgan Lohan[1] (pron.: /ˈloʊ.ən/;[2] born Lindsay Dee Lohan; July 2, 1986) is an American actress, fashion designer, model and recording artist”, as described by Wikipedia. 

If you don’t know who I’m talking about (which is not possible) then refer to the links below:-

I don’t know her personally and nor have I been hired by her publicist to plant a story in social media, no. That’s not me. But somehow, today I want to talk about her and devote a small part of my day to stalk her online.

Every day I read an article about her life about how her dog died or how she’s pregnant or how she’s a kleptomaniac even though I live miles away from where she does (I live in Mumbai and she is based in LA). I know all the ugly details about her life much against my wishes. Because it seems tabloids like to educate the common man about the inane life of a child star-gone-wrong even if her movies don’t release in your country and no one really gives a rat’s ass about her existence.

I was surfing and I thought let me see what’s happening around the world and Huffington post thought it was wise to inform me about Lindsay Lohan’s legal battle because obviously my world revolves around how her life is falling apart.

The Lindsay I remember starred in The Parent Trap and she charmed her divorcee parents into marrying each other again through her innocence and wit. As she grew up, she found it difficult to find her place in the fake plastic world which mocks intelligence and celebrates Bimbohood (Mean Girls). After that, I don’t know what happened. She drove past once with Herbie but that's about it, for me at least.

It must be tough to handle such fame, adulation and money at a young age in Hollywood. If you are mildly creative and weak, you are bound to be affected by the constant judging. I cringe even if my sister judges me and here, she’s being judged constantly by millions of people who aren't even directly related to her. You may say that it’s a price one pays for being a celebrity or a rock star or whatever you want to call it. But really, now what? Her life is like a train wreck heading for disaster.

Why are we still talking about her? Why can’t she make mistakes? Why can’t she be pregnant? Why can't she be a bisexual? Why can’t she have money problems? Don’t we all face these situations somewhere down the line? How would you feel if thousands of publications cashed in on your popularity by releasing distasteful stories about you?
We get cheap thrills by talking about other’s problems because at least someone’s life is worse than yours. Respect people’s privacy. There is a boundary that we cross while we are engrossed with this bizarre rush of rumour mongering and gossiping. This is a constant cycle. Break it.

Put yourself in her shoes or whoever you are going to talk shit about the next time. Would you like it if someone else spoke like that about you (even if the scoop you've got is cent per cent true and verified)?

Maybe, she is a mess and not the best person to be but speculating about her life is not going to make it any better, is it? Neither hers nor yours. Public perception and rumours can make or break someone's life. 

If you've got free time at hand invest it in making your life a little better. Try and understand the difference between Left and Right. Take your dog for a walk. Jog a little to tone your beer belly or watch porn or make a sandwich for yourself or whatever it takes to stop you from watering this nasty parasitic tree of Gossip and Rumours.

And, please if possible, stop publishing articles about which underwear Lindsay Lohan wears. Frankly, I don’t give a …..

(i had to say it. There, now i can breathe! You can start judging me now.)