The Mistress

You were there last time
To hold me together
When my world collapsed
And the gloom relapsed.

I came to you…
With teary eyes and sorrows untold
Not knowing what to do and who to hold.

Enveloped in your blanket of comfort
I forgot the worries that haunt
For those moments of heat,
There were no caveats.

I gave myself whole and soul
Without a second thought
With no objective or goal

I let you engulf me
Unquestioning and unbounded
To let this mystery unfold

I woke in the morning
To shade you from light
I left you a note
To tell you of my plight

I left.
Never to return
To be found again
When you want to get lost and regain
That tenderness of anonymity
That solace of unfamiliarity.

I hope you’ll be there next time
To hold me together
When my world collapses
And the gloom relapses.