To Wonder Land

Beyond the boundaries of right-doing and wrong-doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there – Rumi.

This field is lush green and expansive. It never ends. It goes on and on for as long as you want it to go. The day you want to reach its boundaries, you’ll find them. Your boundaries are defined by you. Your freedom is defined by you. We forget that we always have a choice.

We are defined by our choices. Our relationships are defined by our choices. We can make them beautiful or we can dehydrate them with a rule book of civilities and normalcy. Possibilities are endless and no two people on this planet can have the same life. No two couples on this planet can share the same lives. Maybe, our choices can be similar. But our reactions, our responses, our emotions, they are difficult to replicate.

Why do we listen to songs about undying love? Why do we write poems to express our thoughts and feelings? Why do so many movies revolve around issues that we want to talk about? Why do we read fairy tales to children at bedtime?

We want someone to give words to our thoughts and emotions. We want someone to tell us that “hey, you are not alone in this world. I’ve felt that too.” We unite in our experiences. We share these moments. We share a bit of ourselves in those moments. That’s how we form friendships. That’s how we find love. That’s how we strengthen ties with our families. Based on the common denominator of human experiences that we share, we build our bonds.

We’ve formed frameworks of these experiences based on judgments formed by our ancestors. We’ve formed limitations to everyday living to gain maximum potential from our lives and to survive as per the laws of Society. If you want to flourish, then you must be a certain way. But my question is do we have to?

Who made these laws and regulations? Weren’t they normal people like you and me? How did they reach these conclusions? 

We have to form our own judgements. Why to accept the status quo without examining it in the first place? Is it working for you? Is it diminishing your potential? Maybe, they were great stalwarts and they set benchmarks for us to avoid the hassle that they went through. But real knowledge and wisdom is acquired through personal experiences and not through texts and speeches. We can take pointers and see where to begin from but we have to get there on our own.

Else, what’s the fun? Else, what’s left to explore? Make your mistakes and fall. We’ll be more alert, more prepared for catastrophes that we haven’t faced yet. We’ll be more acquainted with ourselves. If you haven’t allowed yourself to live, how do you even know yourself? How do you know what you like and what you don’t like? If you’ve sat in a corner watching life go by and never actively been a part of it, life will go on and it will leave you behind.

Don’t be afraid.
Let’s cross the bridge

On the other side lies a world of uncertainty
On this side lies calculated list of probabilities
I can’t promise Happily Ever After
I can promise you a possibility
A possibility of Love
A possibility of Hope
A possibility of Failure
A possibility of Heartbreak

But you won’t regret that possibility
Of not considering the possibility
On the other side, I’ll wait for you
I don’t know the way ahead…

But we’ll make the road
With every step that we take