Come to Me

Come to me when you want no one else.

Come to me when you are tired of living a double life; when you want to silence the noises all around and want to listen to your heart. I’ll make them stop. You won’t hear anything but yourself. You’ll hear everything that you needed to hear. All the thoughts that you kept from yourself so far… you’ll hear them resonate with a new found clarity.

Come to me when you want to believe again; when everything seems a lie and you don’t know what’s real anymore and want to be real. I’ll make you see. The cloak of darkness will move away and you’ll see colours you’ve never seen before. Everybody will seem to be different when you see them the way I show you. You’ll realise that it wasn’t a lie. It was there in front of you all this while but you hadn’t opened your eyes yet.

Come to me when you want to drown in a sea of thoughts that you hadn’t thought about until now; when you want to unlock that Pandora’s Box which was lying with you all this time and you were just afraid to open it. I won’t leave. I’ll be there with you as gusty winds are unleashed on your being. I’ll pin you down and hold you.

Come to me when you want to forget the ills of the past. I’ll cover your eyes and cast a spell. I’ll make it go away with one deep breath. It will haunt you no more.

Come to me when you want to fall apart and not try at all; when you don’t want to be brave anymore and want to let it all go. I’ll collect all your pieces and put it back together when you are ready. I’ll let you break and we’ll start all over.

Come to me when you want a thrust to push you on the path you were destined to tread; when you want to be pulled apart from the gooey mass of a million voices that won’t let you go. I’ll cut the cord. I’ll clean the cut and do the dressing. I’ll give you a dose of adrenaline and set you free… to run, to fly… to the places where you should be.

Come to me when you aren’t afraid to be seen as who you are and not who you pretend to be; when you want to see yourself like you’ve never seen before.

Come to me when you want no one else.