Fly baby, Fly

We are fantastic the way we are and sometimes we need to be reminded about that. There is nothing that I have to say except a few idealistic statements and realizations that I know to be true.

The big bad world out there is ugly and heartless, that’s absolutely true for most parts. But in the bitterness of our harsh realities we often forget how there are small pockets of happiness and pure-hearted goodness that are going to warm our hearts amidst this drought. We forget that much like us there are others who are suffering in their silence hiding behind the unbreakable shield of their smiles.

And maybe, they are distrustful of everything just as you are because it seems unfair. If we all get stuck in that cycle of distrust and loathing, can we blame anyone for the eerie sensation of hostility when we thrust ourselves into the open?

Have a little faith. Go in blind. Leave it to the Universe. Hang your boots in the air and surrender. Let go of your expectations. Don’t follow the script. Make your own story. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

You see what you want to see. I chose to see beauty, wonder and awe. And I find it in places that I never thought I could. I chose to see the smiles and not the frowns. I chose to look straight in the eyes and see their souls and not cast my eyes away out of embarrassment. I chose to dream and hope for unachievable aims knowing very well that it would break my heart if they wouldn’t happen.

I dream and dream unabashedly. And as the globe spins to take us from night to the day, I know that I’ll get there even if it’s at an infinitesimal speed.

Fly baby, Fly.