Mars One : Define Crazy.

“Define Crazy.”

Wanting to find the love of your life, bearing children and then dying with them or pushing the frontiers of humanity by attempting to live on Mars? What’s crazy to you?

The Guardian released this short film about three people from distant corners of the world who volunteered for the Mars One mission. The film tries to explore the psyche of these brave people who find no attachment to their lives on Earth right now.

“You are going to die here or there, it doesn’t matter. Why I die – is what matters to me,” said Dina, an Iraqi woman who left her roots to find a free life in USA.

While some of us are depressed about still not having a date for Valentine’s Day, she claims that she doesn't need love. She’s above all that.

“Love is a word that refers to an emotional need.”

“Going back is not an option,” Dina concludes because she doesn't need a family anymore to survive and exist.

Ryan doesn’t know what it means to have a father because he never had a father.

“Did we miss out on something?” he wonders. He’s not abandoning Earth as a way to get back to everyone who abandoned him.

The big dilemma for him is - how do you stand out when you are competing with 7 billion other people on this planet? If the most important thing that matters is to leave a legacy what options do we have?

What about sex? Isn’t that important? Ryan doesn’t seem to think so. The only reason he’d even “satisfy” himself is because otherwise you have higher chances to getting prostate cancer. Has he ever kissed? Obviously, no. Does he know up to 90 decimal points of Pi? Yes.

“I think this world is not good for us to live in anymore,”

states Mozambique. There is so much pain, war, army complexes, natural disasters and epidemics. It seems like humanity is doomed for failure and we don’t have an out. We need to start from scratch and maybe, Mars is the only option to do it.

Mozambique’s grandfather knows that he’s not going there to commit suicide. He’s going there as a missionary of Humanity.

The Reality of the Mars One mission is far from reaching fruition but the reality of these people aiming for the stars is a compelling tale that forces you to look in the mirror. While we on one hand are battling with struggles like finding a job, pleasing our bosses, keeping up with our diets and balancing friends and family; these people are answering questions much deeper than that.

Every day, we sit in front of our bright screens and shut our minds the moment they start asking existential questions, lest we run the risk of chronic depression or other such disorders. And here, Dina, Ryan and Mozambique have transcended a few levels above the regular human fallacies.

We think that a new button on a phone can revolutionize our lives. Maybe, we need to re-think what really matters to us. But maybe, not. 

What if they think we are crazy?